Holistic Teeth Cleaning

At Biodent, we understand the importance of holistic teeth cleaning that takes into account the health of the whole body, not just the teeth and gums. That is why we offer holistic teeth cleaning services that utilize natural, non-toxic products and techniques to promote overall health and wellness.

What does it include?

Our holistic teeth cleaning services include:
  • Non-toxic cleaning products- We use natural, non-toxic cleaning products that are free from harmful chemicals and irritants. These products are safe for patients with chemical sensitivities and allergies.
  • Comprehensive cleaning techniques- We use comprehensive cleaning techniques that focus on removing plaque and tartar buildup, as well as addressing any gum inflammation or infections.
  • Nutritional guidance- We provide our patients with nutritional guidance to help them maintain healthy teeth and gums including recommendations for foods and supplements that support oral health.
  • Patient education- We educate our patients on the importance of good oral hygiene practices, including proper brushing and flossing techniques and how to care for their oral health between dental visits.
Make an Appointment for Holistic Dental Services Today! By utilizing natural, non-toxic products and techniques, we can promote oral health without exposing our patients to harmful chemicals or toxins. We believe in a holistic approach to dental care that takes into account the health of the whole body, and our holistic teeth cleaning services are just one way we accomplish this goal. Call us today at 305-603-8373 to learn more about our services and schedule an appointment.

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