CBCT Cone Beam

Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) is a specialized imaging technique used in dentistry and maxillofacial surgery. It helps to capture three-dimensional images of the oral and facial structures. Unlike traditional dental X-rays, CBCT provides a detailed and comprehensive view of the teeth, jaws, temporomandibular joints, and surrounding tissues. It enables our dentist in Miami, FL, to diagnose and plan treatments with greater precision. CBCT scans utilize a cone-shaped X-ray beam that rotates around the patient, capturing a series of images from multiple angles. These images are then reconstructed into a 3D digital model. It helps with a thorough evaluation of dental issues, impacted teeth, bone abnormalities and implant planning. With its reduced radiation exposure and improved diagnostic capabilities, CBCT has become an invaluable tool in modern dentistry that enhances patient care and treatment outcomes.

What are the key aspects of cbct cone beam imaging?

  • CBCT captures high-resolution 3D images that provide detailed information about the dental and facial structures- it offers superior visualization compared to traditional two-dimensional imaging, enabling the identification of potential issues, such as dental abnormalities, bone density, impacted teeth, infections, and pathologies.
  • The comprehensive and accurate 3D images obtained through CBCT allow for precise treatment planning- this is especially important in complex dental procedures such as dental implant placement, orthodontics, oral surgery, and endodontics. With CBCT, our dentist in Miami, FL, can evaluate the optimal positioning and angulation for implants, assess bone quality, and plan treatments that align with your specific needs and overall well-being.
  • While CBCT uses a cone-shaped X-ray beam to capture images, the radiation dose is significantly lower compared to traditional medical CT scans- we prioritize patient safety and minimizes radiation exposure by utilizing advanced CBCT technology that delivers high-quality images with the lowest possible radiation dose.
  • CBCT imaging aids in the planning of minimally invasive dental procedures- by visualizing the anatomical structures in three dimensions, we can better assess the precise location and proximity of vital structures, ensuring safe and conservative treatment approaches that minimize trauma and promote faster healing.
  • By sharing the 3D images easily, we can develop a comprehensive treatment plan that addresses not only your dental needs but also your overall health and well-being.


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