What is BioHax

Welcome to BioDent, the premier biological and holistic dental office nestled in the vibrant Miami Design District. At BioDent, we believe in a comprehensive approach to oral health that encompasses not only the physical aspects but also the overall well-being of our patients. Dr. Daylis De Andrade is also the co-founder of BioHax, a visionary medical company dedicated to elevating humans to their ultimate performance in health! With BioDent and the integration of BioHax services, we go beyond traditional dentistry, tapping into the ancient code and grand design of human existence. By respecting and living by the laws of Nature, we aim to optimize the human experience, promoting not just dental wellness but also overall health, longer life, and happiness.

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 Experience the transformative synergy between holistic aesthetic dentistry & ultimate performance and well-being at BioDent, where your ultimate you is our utmost priority.

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Ready to create the ultimate fashion statement in dentistry? Dr. Daylis de Andrade is here to help you tailor your treatment plan to your wants and needs. Get the beautiful, sexy, and healthy smile you deserve!