Laser Gum Treatment

At Biodent, we offer laser gum treatment as a safe and effective alternative to traditional gum surgery. Laser gum treatment utilizes advanced laser technology to remove bacteria and diseased tissue from the gums without the need for incisions or sutures.

Who are the candidates?

Candidates for laser gum treatment may include those who have:

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  • Mild to moderate gum disease- for patients with advanced gum disease, more extensive treatment may be necessary.
  • Sensitive teeth- the procedure is typically less painful than traditional gum surgery.
  • Bleeding gums- it helps to reduce bleeding gums, which is a common symptom of gum disease.
  • Receding gums- the laser can be used to stimulate gum tissue regeneration.
  • Dental anxiety- it is a minimally invasive and less intimidating procedure than traditional gum surgery.

What are the benefits?

Laser gum treatment offers several benefits over traditional gum surgery, including:

  • Laser gum treatment is minimally invasive- it does not require incisions or sutures. This means less discomfort and faster healing times for our patients.
  • The laser can be precisely targeted to remove only the diseased tissue, leaving healthy tissue intact- it helps to preserve more of the natural gum tissue, which can improve the aesthetic appearance of the gums.
  • Laser gum treatment results in minimal bleeding and swelling- the laser cauterizes the tissue as it removes it. This means a faster and more comfortable recovery for our patients.
  • The treatment can help to prevent further gum disease and tooth loss.


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