Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Marx's protocol for patients undergoing cancer treatment

Dr. Daylis De Andrade in Miami, FL, follows the Marx Protocol for patients with head and neck cancer undergoing dental surgery in a radiated jaw. This protocol involves prior and post-prophylactic treatment with hyperbaric oxygen therapy to prevent and treat chronic radiation injuries, specifically radiation-induced necrosis in the jaw.

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Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is widely recognized and extensively studied for its effectiveness in treating chronic radiation injuries, particularly in cases of radiation-induced necrosis in the jaw. At BioDent in Miami, Dr. Daylis De Andrade employs the well-established Marx Protocol. This therapy is applied prior to oral

surgeries, such as dental extractions, for patients with heavily radiated jaws due to head and neck cancers. The treatment continues after surgery to support the healing process by providing the necessary metabolic support to the tissue. A key post-surgical application is the treatment of maxillofacial osteoradionecrosis (ORN) and osteomyelitis, which affect the jaw and surrounding tissues. Furthermore, this approach has proven effective in aiding dental implant procedures in irradiated tissues.

By administering hyperbaric oxygen therapy, BioDent Miami takes a proactive approach to prevent radiation injuries, particularly in cases where the risk of surgical complications is high. This therapy creates a conducive environment for healing by promoting the growth of new capillaries and blood vessels around the damaged tissue.

Dr. Daylis De Andrade of BioDent Miami adheres to the Marx Protocol to address maxillofacial osteoradionecrosis (ORN) and perform oral surgeries/dental extractions. Developed by Dr. Robert E. Marx, the Marx Protocol is a well-established system for classifying and treating mandibular ORN. This protocol is especially relevant for head and neck cancer patients undergoing dental extractions, as radiation therapy can compromise the viability of soft tissues.

Marx Protocol for ORN and Oral Surgery/Dental Extraction in Miami!

The application of the Marx Protocol for ORN and oral surgery/dental extraction through hyperbaric medicine results in a success rate exceeding 95 percent. This approach encompasses stages 1 to 3, each tailored to the severity of the condition:

  • Stage I ORN/Extraction: Patients with exposed bone and minimal manifestations undergo 30 hyperbaric oxygen treatments, potentially followed by 10 additional treatments if progress is observed.

  • ORN Stage II: Surgical debridement is combined with 30 hyperbaric oxygen treatments, followed by 10 post-operative sessions. The goal is to maintain mandibular continuity.

  • ORN Stage III: Patients without mandibular continuity undergo a reconstructive approach involving mandibular resection and planned reconstruction. They receive 30 hyperbaric oxygen treatments before resection, followed by 10 sessions after resection.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy offers numerous benefits to head and neck cancer patients with a history of radiation therapy, including improved blood vessel density, accelerated ORN healing, increased tissue viability before oral surgery, prevention of mandibular necrosis from dental extraction, pain relief, restoration of function, and support for dental appliances if needed. It also preserves the mucosa and skin over the bone to prevent chronic wounds and infections.

Individuals undergoing radiation therapy in the head or neck should consult with Dr. Daylis De Andrade of BioDent in Miami before undergoing invasive dental procedures. Hyperbaric oxygen treatment is usually fully covered by all insurance providers for both pre-operative and post-operative care, including dental extractions. You can call us for more information, and we can check if your plan covers this type of treatment.

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